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Carnaval de Barranquilla





Por persona


of the magic and color of the Barranquilla Carnival.

Discover the joy and vibrant culture of Barranquilla with our exclusive Barranquilla Carnival tour. This itinerary takes you to the center of one of the most relevant and vibrant celebrations in Colombia: the famous Carnival of Barranquilla, recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


  • Air-conditioned transportation with snacks and beverages on board.

  • Guide and permanent coordinator.

  • Traveler's assistance insurance.

  • Typical breakfast in Lomita Arena.

  • Typical lunch (traditional).

  • Entrance to the carnival house.

  • Visits and Panoramic Tours

  • Turned hat.

  • Square of the port of Colombia.

  • Castle of Salgar.

  • Lagoon of the Swans.

  • Letters of Barranquilla.

  • Monument window to the world.

  • Swamps of Mallorquin.

  • Mouths of ashes.

  • Route 40.

  • Malecon of the river.

  • Monument of the shark

  • Barrio Abajo.

  • Old stadium of the Juniors of Barranquilla (Romelio Martinez).

  • Statue of Joe Arroyos.

  • The Troja.

  • Plaza de la Aduana

  • Peace Park.

  • Cathedral of Barranquilla.

  • El Prado neighborhood.

  • Return to Cartagena.


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